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  • Pinhole Camera And The Electric Toothbrush The Perfect Combination Of Design Bathroom DVR 1920X1080 32GB


  • Toothbrush Bathroom Spy Cams Waterproof HD Pinhole Camera  DVR 1920x1080 32GB


  • Intelligent 3D Electric Toothbrush Pinhole Spy HD Hidden Camera 1920X1080 DVR 32GB


  • HD Motion Activated Toothbrush Bathroom Spy Camera 1920X1080 DVR 32GB Remote Control ON/OFF


  • Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush with a Sterilized Box HD Spy Bathroom Pinhole Camera DVR 32GB 1920X1080


  • HD Pinhole Camera Electric Toothbrush Hidden Spy Camera DVR 32GB (motion activated)


  • 32GB Spy Camera Toothbrush Hidden Bathroom Pinhole HD Camera DVR 1920X1080


  • Without Electric Toothbrush Features HD Hidden Bathroom Spy Camera 1080P 32GB DVR


3D Drive Electric Toothbrush 1080P HD Spy Hidden Pinhole Bathroom Camera DVR 32GB

  • 3D Drive Electric Toothbrush 1080P HD Spy Hidden Pinhole Bathroom Camera DVR 32GB
  • images/v/3D Drive Electric Toothbrush 720P HD Spy Hidden Pinhole Camera DVR 16GB.jpg
  • images/v/3D Drive Electric Toothbrush 720P HD Spy Hidden Pinhole Bathroom Camera DVR 16GB.jpg
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    3D Drive Electric Toothbrush 1080P HD Spy Hidden Pinhole Bathroom Camera DVR 32GB
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    Compare to the first generation of Spy Toothbrush Pinhole Camera, this 3D Drive Electric Toothbrush Hidden Pinhole 1080P Spy HD Camera DVR 32GB has more powerful functions.

    Its brushing function is better and it can help you protect the teeth quite well. As a professional bathroom spy camera, the quality of video recording is quite important. The camera is set in the interior of the toothbrush. It’s tiny and can’t be noticed easily. Though the spy camera is tiny, it is with high quality. Its resolution reaches 1920X1080. You can get good videos easily. There is a 32GB memory card set in. You don’t need to plug in other memory cards. Its battery is rechargeable, so the use of the camera is quite convenient. The camera can work about 16 hours continuously. You can shoot long time videos as you like. If you want to find something wonderful in secret, this Spy Toothbrush Pinhole Camera can be a good helper.


    3D Drive Electric Toothbrush Description:


    1. Lasting rechargeable battery, charging safety induction
    2. Cup brush, 360 parcels per tooth
    3. Hard brush thoroughly clean the area
    4. Flexisoft soft brush, thoroughly clean, blue bristles, suggesting that replacement of both ends of the long bristles, in-depth teeth
    5. With 30 seconds and two minutes brushing teeth tips to develop a scientific habit of brushing
    6. Science 3D cleaning mode
       A. 40, 000 beats / min before and after vibration, loose hidden plaque
       B. 8, 800 beats / minute rotation, to remove loose plaque
    7. Pressure sensor light: to prevent excessive force injury to the gums
    8. low-power, full power indication
    9. There are three types of cleaning tooth cleaning mode 1 mode 2 mode 3 polishing sensitive Mode.




    Camera parameter

      Camera functions


    Video resolution 1920X1080   1 Continuous video recording yes


    Video formats *.AVI 2 Motion detection no


    Clarity of HD HD 3 Remote control no


    Frame Rate 30 fps 4 Infrared no


    Lens Pinhole 5.0M 5 Waterproof yes


    Memory 32GB 6 PC camera yes


    Lithium battery 2400mAH 7 Time and date no(requested)


    Working hours 16~18h 8 Auto save file yes


    Weight 1000g 9 AV in/out no


    USB 2.0 10 Reset yes


    The charger DC-5V/1A 11 Recording while charging no


    Warranty 1year 12 Loop recording no 


    Video cording M-JPEG 13 Sound recording yes


    Photo Format *.JPG 14 Indication light Indication light off during recording


    Working temperature -10~50 15 Other features 3D Drive electric toothbrush


    Friendly Advice:


    In order to better protect the buyer's benefit, before buying a professional bathroom spy pinhole camera, please read the introduction of the product and have a look at the video demonstration sample provided by bathspycamera.com. Please contact us for more information about this product.




    1. Spy 3D Drive Electric Toothbrush Camera 32GB         1pcs
    2. 2.0 High Speed USB Cable                                       1pcs
    3. USB Charger                                                          1pcs
    4. Camera Operating Manual                                        1pcs

    Warning: Please conform to the local laws when you use this product.

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