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  • 32GB Charger Hidden HD Bedroom Spy Camera DVR 1280X720 Motion Activated And Remote Control


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  • AC Adapter Motion Detection Spy Charger Camera  Plug Camera with SD Card Slot


  • 8GB Spy Charger Camera DVR


AC Adapter Motion Detection Spy Charger Camera Plug Camera with SD Card Slot

  • AC Adapter Motion Detection Spy Charger Camera  Plug Camera with SD Card Slot
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    AC Adapter Motion Detection Spy Charger Camera Plug Camera with SD Card Slot
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    FEATURE:motion activated recording every 20 mins(roop recording)

    resolution:640x480 30fps

    Product Overview:

    • Records covert surveillance footage from what looks like an ordinary AC adapter
    • User-friendly, Plug & Play Device; Internal DVR records directly onto a removable SD Card, storing hours of video footage
    • Easily playback video
    • Features Motion-activated recording Mode; starts recording when movement is detected, saving you valuable storage space by capturing what's important
    • Power plug adapter spy cam records up to 32 hours of video on a single overwrite cycle

    Easy-to-Use Video Recording Surveillance System Offers a Completely Covert Way to Capture Video
    The power plug adapter spy cam is an ultra-compact and portable, all-in-one covert video recording system. The cleverly designed AC Adapter houses a hidden camera and DVR; the built-in DVR records video directly onto the included SD Card. All you have to do is plug the device into an electrical power outlet, insert the SD Card into the AC Adapter w/ DVR Memory Card slot to start recording video. The AC Adapter with DVR is designed to look like a common household electronic; no one walking past this AC charger would ever suspect it was a highly-versatile and portable video recording system.

    Note: The Pro option that lets you customize and change recording settings, check out the Pro AC Adapter DVR. With the Pro version features two recording options: motion-activated or continuous recordings; offering you the flexibility to customize your recording preferences to meet your unique video surveillance need.

    Key Benefits:

    • Power plug adapter spy cam captures sharp high-resolution video
    • AC Adapter DVR is disguised to look like an ordinary AC charger; no one will suspect that it's an all-in-one surveillance system
    • Complete all-in-one video surveillance system comes with a built-in DVR that's cleverly concealed inside this AC Adapter
    • Plug&play technology for easy use; no complicated installation or messy wiring
    • Motion-activated recording mode; captures action and saves valuable disk space
    • Quickly and Easily backup video recordings from you SD Card; simply insert the SD Card into your PC's Memory Card slot to quickly transfer and store video
    • Plugs into your wall so you never have to worry about charging batteries
    • Record up to 32 hours of surveillance footage onto a single SD Card
    • Overwrite feature means you'll never run out of memory


    • Power plug adapter spy cam records high-quality video at 640 x 480 resolution at 30fps
    • Designed to look like a common household electronic;AC Adapter even plugs into the wall
    • Internal DVR records video onto a SD Card; convenient built-in recording eliminates the need for a traditional external recording device with complicated wiring
    • Motion-activated recordings
    • Runs on AC Electrical Power
    • Includes 4GB SD Card; Supports up to a 16 GB SD Card and can record 1 hour of video per GB
    • Overwrite recording mode writes over the oldest footage to make sure you never miss an important event

    Popular Uses:

    • Nanny camera - monitor your nanny, caretaker or babysitter, when you're not around
    • Monitor your office - find out if someone's snooping through your desk or is accessing unauthorized files or documents
    • Monitor your maid, housekeeper, contractor, caregiver, visiting nurse and more - keep an eye on these workers walking in and out of your home
    • Monitor your kids - make sure your kids are safe and out of trouble

    Includes (Standard):

    • AC Adapter DVR
    • AC Adapter Cable
    • 4 GB SD Card

    Includes (Pro):

    • AC Adapter DVR
    • AC Adapter cord
    • USB Connection Cable
    • 4GB SD Card
    • Quick Start Guide

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    worth the money very very good video and records audio good
    love this shaver well worth the money "

    robert t.

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