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How to Hide a Camera in a Bthroom.Spy bathroom camera TIPS


How to hide a camera in a bathroom? Probably, there are a lot of people who have asked this kind of question, with various purposes. Actually, hiding a camera in a bathroom does not always based on malicious purpose only, on the other hand, it can be based on safety purpose as well.

How to Hide a Camera in a Bathroom










This time, we will discuss about the facts and ways on how to hide a camera in the bathroom so you will be aware of this situation and can take care of yourself while you are in a public or office bathroom. In this article, you will learn how to hide a camera in your bathroom so you will be more aware of the possibility of hidden camera in the bathroom. By reading this article, you will know the common spot and the characteristic of common hidden camera that have been used by a lot of people out there.

How to Hide a Camera in a Bathroom: Tiny Hidden Camera

Actually, hidden camera was firstly brought out for security purpose. People use this typically tiny device to manage their security concern. The movement in the certain room will be captured frame by frame so you can record each movement the room users have made. Since this kind of camera has this secret mission in spying someone, that is no doubt that the dimension of this camera is typically very tiny and compact.

This compact feature is meant to ease the owners in the hiding system and installing process. The tinier the camera, the easier the installing and hiding process. Especially, when the camera is meant to be installed in a bathroom or any other private places, the tinier the dimension will be better.

How to Hide a Camera in a Bathroom: Camera Specifications

The type of camera that is usually used in a bathroom is usually a tiny still camera. This camera is called “still” because it cannot be automatically panned around, in other words, it will only capture certain area only. Another type that is usually used in this case is wireless camera. This type of camera is actually not completely supported by battery, but it still needs electricity to be able to operate perfectly. All of those types of hidden camera are typically equipped with remote control so you can remotely control it from a far.


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