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  • HD 1920X1080P High-definition Spy cameras Spy carkey camera (8GB memory )


  • HD 1280X720P HD remote video camera Spy hidden camera Carkey style with 8GB memory


  • Carkey Spy Cam Mini DV with HD Camera + Mobile Detection


  • 720P HD Keychain Style Mini Digital Video Recorder, Hidden Camera, Voice Recorder


  • Car Key Style Mini Digital Video Recorder with 4G Memory Pin Hole Color Camera/Hidden Camera


  • Mini Car Keys Style Spy camera with Built-in 4GB /Hidden Camera


  • High Definition Car Keys Spy Camera with 8GB Built-in Memory Hidden Camera


  • High Definition Car Key Spy Camera with 4GB built-in memory/Hidden Camera


HD 1280X720P HD remote video camera Spy hidden camera Carkey style with 8GB memory

  • HD 1280X720P HD remote video camera Spy hidden camera Carkey style with 8GB memory
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    HD 1280X720P HD remote video camera Spy hidden camera Carkey style with 8GB memory
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    1.product characteristics.
    •compact shape design of product, carry out the whole machine grinds arenaceous, fashionable wear-resisting, Equipped with various portable tools
    •support network cameras, accumulate network chat function
    •supportive TV watching TV real-time moments connection and video
    •The video  support AVI format
    •in low illumination, can undertake high-definition video recording
    •video format factory default for 1080 * 720P 30 frames per second, through TXT text file changes for D1 720 * 480 30 frames, VGA 640 * 480 30 frames.
    •high-speed transmission USB2.0 interface
    •biggest can support 64G T - flash CARDS
    •built-in lithium battery sustainable camera up to 1 hour or so, the standby time 150 hours
    2.Operation guide

    This machine is built-in rechargeable lithium battery, first use this unit, please first charge DV - can through the following way charge:
    1)conjunction computer charging, use USB connect with computer, can be recharged.
    2)with the charger charging, with USB connection with the charger seat, then the charger plug in an electrical outlet, can be recharged.
    Charge, the lights flashing blunt electricity, red light stop said ChangLiang said blunt enough.
    Note: when the battery is insufficient, the dt-mini DV red blue lights flash - will directly into protection condition, (save the file and automatic shutdown) recording documents has been preserved, at this time, please to the local machine to carry on the charge.
    2. Boot and video:
    Please confirm will T - F card into the product!
    Then, ON/OFF according to "short" button, red blue lights at the same time, after turn blue light shine ChangLiang the machine into the standby. Click "VIDEO CAMERA/blue lights flashing" button, once, namely even photographed 1 card (taking pictures for 3264X2499 800 million pixels), long press "VIDEO/CAMERA" button 2 seconds left to see the red lights flickered on, both into the CAMERA, The lights flashing 3 times out, CAMERA is still in progress (AVI VIDEO piecewise preservation for 25 minutes a package, no circulation covered. Each to 25 minutes automatically generate an AVI files, need not buttons systems support continuous recording next AVI files, until card up or battery done. Need to stop VIDEO press any key can stop, return to blue light ChangLiang standby has preserved recording documents. If need to continue the recording, again long press 2 seconds "VIDEO CAMERA" button to see/the lights flashing into 4 times again VIDEO.
    Video files for: 190 * enough degrees 720P, 7.2 * 480 30 frames, 640 * 480 30 frames. Frame number for 30fps/S.
    A. please be sure to confirm product already insert T - flash (Micro SD) card. If not insert CARDS, the product cannot normal use.
    B. T - flash (SD) of Micro capacity as the largest use 64G
    C. file save preservation needs certain time, don't do it when saving continuous press operational keys, such will cause the recorded file cannot be kept, and make smooth generated file is incomplete.
    D. please in sufficient lighting conditions, which focused on the plight of perturbation, and the subject like keeping 50cm distance over, this will get a correct, colour is natural, scenery is clear, the picture stable image.

    3. The recording: on standby next click the boot keys, blue lights flashing 3 start recording, when recording all lamp, press any key to stop recording and blue lights ChangLiang standby.
    4. Time and modify video format setting
    Specific usage as follows:
    Through the USB connection of computer U disk model modification TIME and other video format, annex CD inside: a file called a j TXT text files, content format such as:
    1.2011.09.08 11:38:0 Y1       video format is 640 * 480
    2.2011.09.08 11:38:00 Y2      video format is 720 * 480
    3.2011.09.08 11:38:00 Y3      video format is 1280 * 720P
    2011.09.08 11:38:00 Y, corresponding for (years. Months. Day. Points. Seconds), Y represent both time display, N stands for don't need time watermark display. 1 2 3 represent three different video format.
    This document copying to disk root directory, safety remove removable storage devices, boot video new time can set success。
    5.Shutdown :
    ON standby suspended state, long press "ON/OFF" button to see blue lights extinguished, shut down.
    6.Automatic shutdown function:
    Under the following circumstances: product will automatically preserve video data, and automatic shutdown:
    A. are camera, such as electricity shortage, the system will be the first to preserve video content, then the automatic shutdown.
    B. when the dt-mini DV - disk space full, the instantaneous flashing lights, the machine will automatically save files, and automatic shutdown
    7.Connect computers.
    In shutdown state, standby or camera condition, which can be directly connected to the computer, connect computers after can be used as U plate use, free for file copy, paste, delete.
    The machine is inserted computer USB port, after a few seconds the computer will pop-up removable disk logo, red lights flashing for charging and data transmission.
    A. the machine connected computers after, if a computer can't identify, or in 30 seconds after still not popup removable disk logo, please try again inserted again.
    B. suggested that the recorded video file copying or cut into computer hard disk again play, direct broadcast stored in this video in internal memory video files, may be because the data, large amount of transmission, which leads to the broadcast not keep up with smooth.
    8. Connections TV OUT TV:
    At boot condition under standby, insert USB connection of the product and the other end TV interface insert into the TV set signal of TV, the television cut to TV mouth, appear screen, at 1 to watch TV can be used as screen and as monitoring to take photos, video, sound recording, etc. Function.
    9 computer camera functions:
    PC camera functions (optional),
    When the PC camera used, install the driver software must be used before, in the shutdown state holding function keys insert USB devices connected with the computer will appear a standard video equipment, and loosen the function keys, holding can be used when the camera
    10.The reset:
    When the machine is because the illegal operation or other reasons unknown, does not work properly, need to reset.
    Specific operation method is: with fine bar directly click reset button, can achieve a reset operation.
    Reset hole with USB port located among card - F.

    11.related parameters:
    Item Related parameters
    Video format AVI
    Video coding M - JPEG
    Video resolution 1280 * 720P HD 720*480 D1  640*480 VGA
    Video frame rate 30fps
    Playback software Operating system or mainstream video playback software cabin
    Image format JPG
    Image in pixels 8M Pix
    Image scale 4:3
    Support system Windows 98, me / 2000 / xp / 2003 / vista, Mac OS, Linux,
    Battery capacity 260mAh
    Working time About 60 minutes
    Battery voltage DC - 5V
    Interface type 8Pin USB power
    Storage support TF card
    Cell types High capacity polymer lithium batteries

    12. Note:
    Usage: please strictly abide by relevant state laws, shall not be used for any illegal use this product, otherwise the consequence is proud.
    Software upgrade: in order to make our products has better performance, the manufacturer will continuously improve products, this product has the convenient software upgrade client software, oneself to the local dealers, please the latest version of the software for information and upgrade method.
    Working temperature: please in nature, temperature in the human body cannot adapt to temperatures
    Work on mankind suitable humidity: please use the living environment humidity, do not be in damp environment of the work product, the product does not have waterproof function, please keep this product pouring water or exposure in the rain
    Filming illumination: please have adequate light source in the environment, do not use the camera to the sun directly illuminant, lest such super optics is damaged.
    Cleaning: do not excessive dust density in the environment, lest use lens and other components, affect camera with dust
    Waste treatment: please pay attention to environmental protection, not discarded products. This product in the fire, avoid throwing explosion.



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