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Mini driving video recorder Handheld MINI DVR TWO IN ONE

  • Mini driving video recorder Handheld MINI DVR TWO IN ONE
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    Mini driving video recorder Handheld MINI DVR TWO IN ONE
    • MSN: Sales1@wholesalespycamera.com
    • Skype: Onlinewholesalespycamera
    • Tel: 86-13420906504
    • Product Details
    ● Thank you for purchasing Q8 MINI DVR, the machine adopts unique ultra
    portable design, so that it can be used in every field, bring you convenience, safety,
    and the rich and colorful daily life.
    ● The product is small, easy installation, when installation, won't destroy vehicles of the original structures, carry convenience,
    the battery lasting.
    ● This product USES the high-performance chip, high definition video, dynamic picture of the continuity of a strong, in low
    illumination, hd video recording can be, and support the AVI video format
    ● This machine can support VGA (640 x 480) D1 (720 x 480), HD (1280 x 720) three ways
    ● Taking pictures can choose 5 M (2560 x 1920), 8 M (3264 x 2488), 12 M (4032 x 3024), multiple formats and taking pictures of
    color mode choice model (standard, bright and dark brown, black and white, photo mode).
    ● This product support time date watermark function, video and photos can be displayed when the time and date
    ● Support of the high speed USB2.0
    ● The maximum 64 G T card support
    ● The built-in lithium battery sustainable camera up to 250 minutes, remove from heat can be hand into motion detecting even
    shoot mode can use 8 hours
    ● The car can remove after startup, hold down the menu button 2 seconds into the manual into motion detecting even shoot
    mode (even shoot three zhang), as long as someone or object in the machine a front moving, will automatically take pictures
    preserve evidence, quit long press any key 2 seconds, withdraw from mobile photos mode.
    ● This product USES is seamless docking circulation records of the covered way, it can automatic in the original picture covering
    new picture, keep the cycle of rolling record.
    ● This product support video output, this machine is to support the field playback function, through the cabin screen can record
    the images on the spot inquires content, as well as television and computer playback support
    ● All kinds of quality use all sorts of TF card video time
    HD Picture Quality 4G 30 minutes 8G 60 minutes 16G 20 minutes 32G 240 minutes
    VGA and D1 Picture Quality 4G 80 minutes 8G 160 minutes 16G 3200 minutes 32G 6400 minutes
    ●The green environmental protection machine: circulation video function
    This machine intelligence action description:
    Connected to the machine will automatically entered into after cigarette lighter video mode, leave after power off 10 seconds,
    automatic stop video.
    Need to move into taking pictures mode, automatically or manually long press on menu button 2 seconds, screen out into the
    mobile even shoot three pictures model, a mobile will be taking pictures, every move a taking pictures three tickets 1.3 M (1280 x
    960), exit motion detecting taking pictures mode, press any key 2 seconds can exit, but in taking pictures mode press any buttons
    exit is invalid.
    Do not use this pilot time in the sun, as long to park, please the unit is put to the shade, avoid LCD screen is damaged, if by often
    long time machine failure caused by insolate, we shall not be responsible for the warranty
    Warm prompt: please strictly abide by the relevant state laws and may not be used for any illegal use this product,
    otherwise the consequence is proud.
    Can be used in various fields
    ● Driving image recording
    Can be used for cars, trucks, buses, taxis, an ambulance, police
    cars, through monitoring the video's record at any time intervals,
    accident liability be clear at a glance.
    ● Home security
    Home monitoring guard against theft, children's nanny monitoring, for
    you every moment to protect family safe.
    ● Factory security monitoring office
    Security office, warehouse management security, in and out of safety
    monitoring, let you up all security blind Angle.
    ● Meeting record negotiations
    The meeting records, negotiation video, let you will be important
    meeting pushed details.
    ● Tourism image recording
    Handheld DVR, anytime, anywhere record tourism joy good time
    Video recorder common problem
    1. Video suddenly stops
    Because of this product is a true hd 1280 X720 resolution,Take
    the computer system resources include CPU and video CARDS
    are directly affect the quality of the play,Customers have on older
    computers play too high qing blu-ray movies will know, will jump
    case,This means that CPU or graphics ability is insufficient,If your
    computer is new, and is independent of the display card, still have
    the words of a situation,So please put on the card copy to hard
    disk broadcast film can be well played,For each brand of computer
    motherboard with USB module is different, some may cause delay to
    card reader to read
    2. Driving recorder is mainly to save a few seconds before the accident process, but not to the whole video
    4 G card can save about 30 points hd video,Because of the TF card on market recently manufacturers in the restructuring
    process, cause traffic recorder or DV factories are experiencing these problems
    3. Machine doesn't work
    Please use spikes (such as paper clips, pins, etc.) at the RESET hole insert let machine RESET, then it can be used, will
    happen this case most is the machine protection, please avoid machine long time in parked in the sun in the car insolate
    4. The screen to indoor sunlight flash light
    Fluorescent lamp than natural light, electrical characteristics (frequency) machine itself screen have frequency 50 HZ and
    HZ can be set, but fluorescent lamp is not necessarily frequency 50 HZ and HZ, so will cause flash is not a machine like the
    5. Camera fuzzy
    Please use of alcohol will wipe clean lens, and try to avoid using hand touches the lens
    Painted parts list
    Host USB cable Car-mounted charger Car stents TF Card reader Handbags + CD
    PC camera mode
    Please first installation CD PC driver, hold down the camera button insert USB and computer online can use.
    In each mode according to the menu button, can enter the corresponding various Settings
    (1). Standby mode

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