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  • 720P Spy Glasses With Hidden Spy Camera,HD Sunglasses Camera


  • 720P HD Spy Glasses with 4G Memory Built-in


  • Remote 720P support TF card up to 16GB HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Camera Hidden Camera


  • 8GB Spy Sunglasses with Detachable Earphone + MP3 Player


  • 4GB Spy Sunglasses with Detachable Earphone + MP3 Player


  • 8GB 5MP HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Camera ,Hidden Camera


  • HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Camera with Build in 4GB Memory/Hidden Camera 5MP


  • 1280x720 HD Spy Glasses With Hidden Spy Camera Spy Hidden Camcoder


New Spy Sunglasses Camera DVR

  • New Spy Sunglasses Camera DVR
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    New Spy Sunglasses Camera DVR
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    • Product Details

    720P HD Camera Fashion Eyewear





    2.TF memory slot

    3.LED indicator

    4.On/OFF/record button

    5.USB port




    1. World's first HD quality video camera eyewear with encryption read disk function

    2. Brilliant and rich natural colors, high quality video images.

    3. Flexible design suits for different faces for different races and ages.

    4. Fashion and cool design keeps up closely with vogue steps.

    5. A perfect embrace of fashion concepts and factors, Limited Editions available for picky trend-spotter.

    6. 5 mega pixels CMOS camera for clear digital video recording.

    7. Free open TF slot meet with different customer's demand,MAX support 32GB

    8. Easy connection with PC/Laptopsno driver needed.

    9. User friendly operation button for easy control.

    10. Real time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life.

    11. A must for trend-spotter, journalist, traffic police, travelers,

    hikers, mount climbers, students, life-lovers and etc.




    Product size

    150*140*40mm (folded)

    Physical weight

    Approx 35g

    Read/write speed



    2.0 (High Speed)

    Power supply

    Embedded 280mAh Li-polymer Battery

    Power duration

    1-2 hours

    Power adaptor

    5V DC/ 500mAh

    Power consumption



    Support  Max 32GB



    Video format




    Lens specs

    5 mega pixels CMOS camera

    Recording speed

    Max 30fps


    Working temp

    0 ℃ - 60 ℃

    Storage temp

    -20℃ - 80 ℃


    Windows Media Player, Real player,Storm codec

    Menu Language


    Operating System

     WinXP, Win2000,Windows Vista, Win7



    Before you do any operations,please load TF card first.

    A) Time Setup

    1. Connect device to PC or Laptop, it will be recognized as a newly added storage drive.

    2. Click to open the newly added drive.

    3. Right click your mouse and create a new text file under the root directory. Make sure NOT to create it under “video” folder.

    4. Rename the new text file as “ time.txt ”.

    5. Open the new text file, input the local real time as per the sample below:

    If present time is local time: 10:10:10, 10th, Oct, 2010, then input time this way. 2010.10.10 10:10:10 Y/N ( YYYY/MM/DD HH/MM/SS Y/N )

    6. You can add space Y after the time to enable time stamp on the video or input space N to disable it.

    7. Save it and then exit

    8. Time is set and ready for new recording.



    B) Switch On

    To start the device, press and hold the On/Off button for three seconds and then release, YELLOW LED indicator will light up,the device is in standby mode.


    C)Video recording

    When device is in standby mode, to start video record,press on/off button for two seconds,YELLOW LED indicator will blink 3 times then go off.it is recording.One more short press of the On/off button ,the BLUE LED indicator will blink for 3 times.the device is shut down,and files will be saved automatically.


    D)photo takeing

    When device is in standby mode, short press on/off button to take one photo,meanwhile the YELLOW LED indicator blink one time.Repeated press to take more photo.


    E) Auto shut-off

    1.When the device is in standby mode,if you don't process to take photo or video ,it will shut off itself in ten seconds .

    2.When battery is low , yellow and blue LED lights will blink by turn for 3 times, device will save the files and then shut off itself.

    3.When memory is full, yellow and blue LED lights will blink by turn for 5 seconds,device will shut off itself.




    A) System Requirement

    1. CPU must be at least 500Mhz above

    2. Operating system: Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7

    3. USB slot

    4. Minimum 1GB free hard disk space

    5. Minimum 512MB memory

    B) Connecting PC or Laptop

    1. USB Storage mode

    a. When device is under “OFF” status.

    b. Connect the device to PC or Laptop thru USB port using USB cable provided in the kit.

    c. The computer will recognize it as a newly added disk and shall install if necessary the driver.

    d. After installation, a new window will popup, click “Open to check files” and go to the folder that video stored in,namely “Video”, (you can also find the device as aremovable disk under your Computer root directory),click the folder to enter, then you see a sub folder namely“100VIDEO”, click again to enter, you are able to find thevideo files that has been recorded stored under thisfolder and are ready for downloading to local disk.

    e. You can then copy or cut and save to your local hard drive.

    f. When finished, click to remove the storage disk safely.


    Cencryption read disk                                                                       

    Install the software  PDV TOOL  in the CD first.          

    1.turn off the device then connect to computer with USB cable.  Run this PDV Tool software.

    2.You may have two option,one is normal disk ,one is encryption disk.choose encryption disk,then format the disk.

    3.When it shows format disk successfully,the change password button is on.

    4.Enter old password(Initial user password is 1234),enter 1234,you can set your own pass word (it should be 4--12 numbers or letters).after set new password, When finished, click to remove the storage disk ,re-connect this disk with PC to make sure it works.

    5.Connect the disk with computer,after 5 seconds,run this PDV Tool,sign in,and enter your password.(it may need you to format disk).when it shows successfully sign in means ,now you can use it as a encryption disk .

    6. Click time setting,you can set computer time into this disk. click to remove the storage disk safely.and restart this device to get time set done.

    7.Change it to normal disk,

    run this PDV Tool ,choose normal disk,then format it. click to remove the storage disk safely,then re-connect with computer ,if it can be read ,then is is normal disk .

     NOTE:Some computer may need you to sign in from the software to show the storage disk

    1.Every password setting ,you need to re-connect this device with computer again to read this disk .otherwise it can not functions as a encryption disk.

    2.If this memory read by a memory reader,you can not read anything,expect a format demand.

    3.If you forget the password,you only thing you can do is format this disk and lose the data.

    4.Languages: English,繁体中文,简体中文。This software will be  recognized by this three computer system language.other languages will auto display English.



    A) If failed to start the device, in most cases the battery is flat and needs to be recharged. For initial three charges, you are kindly requested to charge the battery for at least 4-5 hours long to ensure its best performance in future. Please do not charge it for over 12 hours.

    B) You can either charge the battery using USB cable or charge it thru USB AC adaptor. Usually a full charge takes approx 3 hours.

    C) When charging ,The BLUE LED lightswhen battery is fully chargedthe YELLOW LED lights.After Yellow LED on ,it take another 90 minutes to get totally fully charged.

    D) Please do not use other AC adaptors other than the one provided in the standard kit to avoid damages to the product.

    E) If you haven't use the device for a long period of time, we suggest you to recharge the battery first before use it.



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