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Car GPS DVR Camera 2.7" Vehicle Black Box Camcorder

  • Car GPS DVR Camera 2.7\" Vehicle Black Box Camcorder
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    Car GPS DVR Camera 2.7" Vehicle Black Box Camcorder
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    • Product Details
    R300 Car GPS DVR Descriptions:
    Dual-lens video recording

    Can connect 2 CMOS Sensor at the same time, one monitor the outside of the car , another for inside.

    Uninterrupted Continuous Video recording

    General sold product has 0.5-3 seconds time difference, this product adopts the exclusive file format to achieve the uninterrupted, no second missing and continuous video to ensure no missing of any important pictures.

    Autocycle Video

    When the memory card is full, it will automatically begin to overwrite the circulation video from the oldest films to make sure that there are recent and latest films in the memory card, so you don’t need to worry about the impletion problem of the memory card.

    Exclusive File System

    It is more efficient to use SD card on access SD card by exclusive file system than by general FAT archive System, and can reduce the write in times of SD card ang lengthen its working life.

    Lock button to ensure the overwrite and disappear of the video at the zero hour

    You can press down the “Lock” button at the zwro hour, then the video can be locked storage and can not disapear in 60 seconds before and after pressing down the button.

    Easy installment and Usage

    Without complicated setting, the product can video automatically when starting the engine and stop video automatically  when turning off the engine, only by setting the date and time at first time installment. You completely do not worry how to use it.

    Film Playback Function

    It has screen itself, when needing to watch the recorded videos, you can switch to the play mode to play


    MJPG movie format

    Every image in the movie is an independent true image to offer convincing image evidence.


    Support GPS module

    support GPS module, when GPS finished positioning, it can also record the longitude and latitude coordinate and driving speed except correcting time. Equipped with PC exclusive application Player, it can display GPS information when playing the movie, and can chaining Goggle Map to display the vehicle position on the Google map


    Support G-sensor

    Support g-sensor, it can record the X, Y, Z information offered by G-sensor when recording. Can display G-sensor information when using Player to play movie.


    GPS function explanation:

    It will get GPS mudule information every second when recording. If GPS normally positioned, it will record the longitude and latitude, date, speed, etc offered by GPS. These information will display when using Player to play movie, meanwhile, it can chain longitude and latitude information with Google Map to display its correspondent location.


    GPS auto timing function

     You can update the GPS time to system RTC when GPS finished positioning, Player side will get Windows time zone information and record it on the SD card, then inset it to the machine, FW side will read te information automatically to support GPS timing function.

    When first timing, FW side will compare  GPS time and RTC time, if there are 3 minutes difference above, FW will update RTC time and stop recording, then use the updated time to record. If the difference is less than 3 minutes, FW will still update RTC time, but not stop the current recording, it will use the updated time until the next recording.

    G Sensor function specification

    It will record the XYZ information offered by G-sensor when recording. Than use Player to play , then it will display XYZ information.
    R300 Car GPS DVR Features:
    • +  Dual-lens video recording
    • +  Uninterrupted Continuous Video recording
    • +  Autocycle video recording
    • +  Exclusive file system
    • +  Lock button to ensure the overwrite and disappear of the video at the zero hour
    • +  Easy installment and usage
    • +  Film playback function
    • +  MJPG movie format
    • +  Support GPS module
    • +  Support G-sensor
    • +  GPS auto timing function
    R300 Car GPS DVR Specifications:
    2 CMOS Sensor
    2.7 inches TFT LCD Panel or TV Out,TV Out support NTSC &PAL
    Yes, Support sound recording and sound playing
    Yes, built in system clock
    Video Size
    1280 x 480 30FPS (2CH Record), 640 x 480 30FPS (1CH Record)
    Memory Card
    SDHC Class6 4GB ~ 32GB, exclusive file format, need Playerto start the movie
    GPS Module
    Support GPS module
    Support G Sensor
    Built in li-ion battery
  • Due to using exclusive file format, please use Player or FW format before using SD card. It can not be used if not format
  • Power on, record automatically, power off, switch off automatically

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